Exklusiva Ace of Base remixer tillgängliga nu

Ace of Base-pressfoto

Kommer ni ihåg Ace of Base?
All That She Wants? The Sign? Happy Nation?
Vi kommer att släppa tre remix-EP med Ace of Base varje måndag hela april ut.
Just nu ligger Travel to Romantis, Unspeakable och Wheel of Fortune ute. iTunes har exklusiva rättigheter i en veckas tid, så skynda dit för att få tag på dina exemplar av dessa Ace of Base-remixar!

Undrar du när just din favoritlåt släpps? Här kommer hela listan:

Ute nu på iTunes
Travel to Romantis (The Remixes)
1 Travel to Romantis
2 Travel to Romantis (Josef Larossi Mix)
3 Travel to Romantis (Love to Infinity Mix)
4 Travel to Romantis (Love to Infinity Master Mix)
5 Travel to Romantis (Wolf Mix)

Unspeakable (The Remixes)
1 Unspeakable
2 Unspeakable (Junk&Function/M12 Radio Mix)
3 Unspeakable (Fairlite Radio Mix)
4 Unspeakable (Filur Radio Mix)
5 Unspeakable (Junk&Function/M12 Club Mix)
6 Unspeakable (Fairlite Dub Mix)
7 Unspeakable (Filur Club Mix)
8 Unspeakable (Fairlite Instrumental)
9 Unspeakable (Filur Dub Mix)

Wheel of Fortune ute (The Remixes)
1 Wheel of Fortune
2 Wheel of Fortune (7″ Mix)
3 Wheel of Fortune (12″ Mix)
4 Wheel of Fortune (Clubmix)
5 Wheel of Fortune (2009)
6 Wheel of Fortune (2009 – Club Mix)

9 april
Whenever You’re Near Me (The Remixes)
All That She Wants (The Remixes)
Happy Nation (The Remixes)

16 april
The Sign (The Remixes)
Cruel Summer (The Remixes)
Living in Danger (The Remixes)

23 april
Don’t Turn Around (The Remixes)
Beautiful Life (The Remixes)
Hallo Hallo (The Remixes)

iTunes April 30th / Remaining services May 7th
Life Is A Flower (The Remixes)
Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry (The Remixes)
Lucky Love (The Remixes)
C’est La Vie (Always 21) / Everytime It Rains (The Remixes)

7 maj
The Remixes (Deluxe Edition) – ett megapaket med alla remixarna!

Lyssna på Soundcloudlänken nedan eller ladda ner ditt exemplar iTunes.

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  1. aob80

    It looks like there is no Happy Nation (The Remixes) on iTunes.

    BTW: You forgot about Beautiful Morning remixes. Spanish Fly Club mix is one of my fave from AOB’s remixes…

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