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From the fading cookie-cutter, ‘urban-pop’ trend saturating the airwaves currently, Capetown emerges with a sound that is at once moody, melancholic, melodic and explosive. Drawing on influences as varied as the cultural heritages that make up the band, Harrison Jones, Nathalie Tensaye and Jonas Nordelius merge sonically to form a cutting edge sound that is both arresting and palliative.

With roots firmly planted in both alternative-rock and ‘urban-cool’, producer Jonas Nordelius was practically born into the music biz. Jonas’ father Hans Nordelius developed the world’s first virtual analog synthesizer, ‘Nord Lead’, in Jonas’ birthplace of Stockholm, Sweden. “I started messing around with synths when i was like 10 ’cause we had all this music equipment at home.” Jonas can be found on the credits of many of Sweden’s rock, pop and hip-hop elite including Thomas Rusiak, Timbuktu, Christian Falk, Stephen Simmonds and Kaah.

spotify“Cinematic” (Pope/Playground Music)
POPE 23 – 2009-05-04 Single Info
Capetown - Cinematic

2. Sing It
3. Higher

5. Without You
6. Posters
7. Frames

9. Just Like That
10. It’s Ok
11. Mr. Telephone (Long Street Version)
12. Sing It (Epic Version)
13. Let It Go (Outro Version)


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