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“Mer levande, varierad och angelägen låter Thomas Jonsson viktigare än någonsin.” Joacim Persson
Aftonbladet 4/5

“…en folkinspirerad och smått Dylanesk naturromantisk låtskatt som smyger sig på.” Emma Rastbäck
Gaffa 5/6

“…som att dörrarna öppnas till en fascinerande musikalisk värld som jag gärna vill återvända till” Ralph Bretzer
Arbetarbladet 4/5

I’m Kingfisher’s new release “Arctic” is a conceptual album about polar expeditions.

It’s also the fourth solo offering from the prolific Swedish indie/folk-artist Thomas Jonsson, now working under the alias I’m Kingfisher. Though the obsolete theme, this album is Thomas’ by far most personal, outgoing and experimental material to date. He blends acoustic and synthetic elements together with the odd bird’s chirp, follows a similar path as fellow indie/folk-colleagues M Ward, Gillian Welch and Jason Molina but also adds occasional sparks of stuff like Akron/Family, Mogwai and Cat Power. A recent show was aptly reviewed as “John Fahey meets Sonic Youth”.

After being musically active for a decade as Thomas Denver Jonsson, he now changes his alias to I’m Kingfisher. The reasons for doing so are many, but the most obvious would be feeling ‘finished’ with the old name, admiring birds deeply and quote:

“…since I’ve come up with the best stage name ever, I think it is mandatory to use it no matter what”.

For every past release, each one followed by frequent European touring, Thomas’ expression has constantly transcended into something very personal and original. This has not at least been proven by the number of different locations and scenes he’s been performing at; rock- folk- and even jazz clubs, not to mention the electronica festival Norberg:Festival – three years in a row. In fact, Jonsson has showed that he’s the kind of artist who is actually more appealing the more eccentric he gets. “Arctic” is a big step forward in that direction. It presents a unique display, still partly based in traditional soil, hence his best chance to reach out to the really big audience this far.

The Kingfisher has arrived!



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